About me

My story

 My earliest memories of making things with fabric, little glass beads and embroidery came from time shared with my grandmother. As a competitive ballroom dancer, she made all her dresses on a huge oval table, forever bedecked with yards of tulle, glittering beads, floss and a bottomless cup of tea; always with an attentive dog at her one side, and often with the little girl who was me at the other. For me this was a fairy tale dream; my dream, and I loved every minute of living is there with her. Whilst sewing away, she told endless stories of her youth, sang songs and recited poems. She took me to a magical world from which I would never want to leave.

Now this world is filled with my own creations, inspired by the love of colour, fabric, glass beads, thread, fabrics, texture and form that I never lost. Nature, animals and especially the odd and quirky are and endless source of fascination. The smallest thing can spark an idea form which my imagination can run wild. I often wake early with ideas buzzing  around in my head like excited bees. In the same way, my dolls evolve as I make them. Although I start with a basic idea, this grows, shifts and changes until the textiles, paints and stitches take control and the doll acquires a life of its own, an evolving character and eventually existence as an independent personality.

By way of balance to this, I also studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in
Brussels, a very traditional and internationally renowned school. Here I would spend the morning perfecting my drawing and in the afternoon painting in oils under the tutelage of professional working artists. I loved every minute and grew to respect the value of commitment to quality, standards and artistic integrity. My love of mixed media combines these traditional values with the magic my grandmother gave me. I count my blessings being able still to be inspired by thefairy taleworld to which she took me all those years ago.

My other passion

My other passion are my horses.  They are a big part of my life I like nothing better than riding out and thinking up new ideas around the country lanes.
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